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BP, Dell, Texas Instruments, Liberty Mutual, General Mills, Applied Materials
"My latest company has come to rely on your Weather Software to keep our clients up-to-the-second, and ahead of the storm..."
- Paul Douglas
CEO of WeatherNation
Minneapolis, MN

Watch the story behind our weather software, and the day that changed everything:

Spot the weather intruders while there's still time with our software's innovative Alert Perimeter technology.
  • Desktop Weather Software 
  • Live Weather Radar 
  • Always-on Threat Monitoring 
  • Customizable "Safe Zones" 
  • Alerts to E-mail, PDA, Cell and more 

Our weather software program connects your desktop to a national network of radar and weather satellites, and continuously scans for weather intruders near your home or place of business.

Once desktop weather software identifies a weather threat, such as tornadoes, lightning, severe hail, high winds or other deadly storms, Weather Defender will activate Perimeter Alerts to give you time to prepare for whatever is coming.

Log in any time of day or night to access real-time weather radar & graphics. And if you’re away from home and weather intruders breach your safe zone, we will auto-matically notify you immediately.

Weather Tracking

Weather Defender provides weather tracking information, including live weather satellite, live weather Doppler and local weather radar to notify you in the event of severe weather. We have system administrators monitoring weather data feeds to ensure the most up to date weather information to give families time to prepare before severe and potentially dangerous weather conditions arrive.

Real-Time Weather

You can log in 24 hours a day to see weather updates with detailed graphics, live weather radar and live weather Doppler. The alert perimeters of our weather software can be customized for your storm tracking needs, including your specific location and the type of weather tracking that you need. It can be set to monitor and notify you of weather types, such as heavy rain and lightning, tornadoes, winter storms and blizzard conditions.

Threat Monitoring

Weather Defender utilizes the latest technology to connect your home computer to a network of radar stations and weather satellites for continual threat monitoring. Our storm tracking software provides instant notification when your home, business or community is threatened by severe weather to help you protect your family from dangerous weather.

Free 7-Day Trial

Weather Defender allows you to control how you will receive your threat notifications. Alerts can be displayed on your computer monitor, sent by email, audible alarm, or SMS text. Please take the time to browse our website to learn more about our storm tracking software. If you want to try our weather software before you buy, we offer a 7 day free trial. This free trial period allows you to experience the benefits of Weather Defender and see for yourself why thousands trust our storm tracking software to keep their families safe.

Be Informed. Be Prepared. Be the first to know about weather threats with WEATHER DEFENDER.

Faster Weather & Safety Decisions!

WEATHER DEFENDER® gives you a commercial grade weather tracking system powerful enough to give you national coverage and intelligent enough to tell you if a storm is locked on to your specific address.

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