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Carol Joy Holling Camp & Conference Center

by Rory Groves        September 22, 2009  |  3:13 pm  |  Category: Testimonials

"We host quality summer programming that brings in thousands of children each summer. But even the best programming won't bring kids to our camp if their parents are concerned about safety. That's why we use Weather Defender to be alerted to severe weather near our camps, and we promote this fact to parents so they know that while their children are with us, they'll be safe."

Casey Fuerst
Director of Marketing & Communications
Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries
Ashland, Nebraska


Walter G. Anderson, Inc.

by Rory Groves        September 22, 2009  |  11:32 am  |  Category: Testimonials

"At Walter G Anderson, we take employee safety very seriously. We use Weather Defender to monitor weather in our area so that we can be the first to know when severe weather threatens our people."

Nhia Moua
I/T Specialist
Walter G. Anderson, Inc.
Hamel, Minnesota



Midwest Summer Camp Trusts Weather Defender

by Rory Groves        September 13, 2009  |  2:37 pm  |  Category: Testimonials

Dave Coker, Executive Director of Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries

"As a summer camp that happens to be located in Tornado Alley, we take threatening weather very seriously. We trust Weather Defender to help protect our staff and the 1,500 kids we host each summer from severe weather. Whenever lightning or tornadic storms are nearby, we receive weather alerts directly on our cell phones so we always know what is coming and when it's time to take action."

David C. Coker
Executive Director
Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries
Ashland, Nebraska


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