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"..saves live and property in western New York!"

by Rory Groves        September 16, 2010  |  10:09 am  |  Category: Testimonials

"I am the owner of Team 4Warn we are based out of Buffalo NY. Weather Defender is what I run on my vehicle and encourage other to as well. July 2010 we had a storm that we followed for 3 days on Weather Defender all along the lakes it was dropping tornados. After learning the software and closely following this storm it was determined that it was headed for the southern tier of NY. We alerted friends and family and also the national weather service. The out come of this storm was 2 EF1 and 2 EF2 tornados. NOT ONE PERSON WAS HARMED because of advanced notice. Now you can say what you want But I stand behind Weather Defender and in my mind it was because of advanced 3 day notice that Weather Defender provided us. Where else can a chaser get 3 days of notice? This software works and it saves life and property! My word is what I make my living off of and Team 4Warn stand behind Weather Defender and backs it 100%

I now have no fears of leaving my family behind when chasing because I have the most accurate date for that curial moment. Thank You for making a product that works"
Paul Corcoran
Team 4Warn


"...the most complete package on the market..."

by Rory Groves        May 9, 2010  |  7:19 pm  |  Category: Testimonials

"In addition to complete the package I plan to utilize the following products; watch outlines, warning polygons, storm reports and storm attributes. I have had the use of Swift WX 2.7 and now Weather Defender for nearly two years and find this is the most complete package on the market today."

"This package when used to its full potential will give citizens the needed time to prepare and act , not react."

Chuck Danison
Shelbyville, Kentucky


Hail Detection and Alerting in Weather Defender (Pt. 2)

by Rory Groves        April 6, 2010  |  4:42 pm  |  Category: Tips & Tricks

In our second tutorial on Hail Tracking in Weather Defender, you will learn how to automatically receive notifications whenever severe hail is detected near your home or business -- or any other location of your choosing:



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