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Monster Winter Storm Affects 30 States

by Jamie Robinson        February 3, 2011  |  9:15 pm  |  Category: Latest News


The snowstorm that pummeled much of the United States on February 1st and 2nd leaves a wake of records in its path.  Eight interesting facts about this week's weather:

  1. Oklahoma City had 10"+ inches for only the third time since they began keeping records in 1893.
  2. Blowing snow in Oklahoma City reduced visibility to 30 yards in places
  3. Interstate 70 in Missouri was closed from mile marker 5 to mile marker 218.  This is basically from Kansas City to St. Louis
  4. Warrensburg, Missouri had 21" of snow
  5. Chicago schools closed for the first time in 12 years!
  6. Snowfall in Chicago was over 20" (as recorded at both Midway and O'Hare airports)
  7. Official totals in Wisconsin - Milwaukee 19.8", Madison 18.7" and a whopping 26.5" near Racine
  8. At one point, over 100 million Americans were being impacted by the storm


This was one of those storms that will leave a mark on many lives. We here at SWIFT Weather will continue to work hard to provide products that will keep you ahead of the storms!


Widespread Winter Weather

by Rory Groves        February 1, 2011  |  11:13 am  |  Category: Latest News

As forecasted earlier this week, a massive winter storm is moving through the nation's midsection including active Blizzard Warnings across 7 states:

As I type this, our WeatherBase (feeds aggregator) is tracking a total of 3,719 county-based watches, warnings, and/or advisories across U.S.:

  • 814 counties under Winter Storm Watch/Warning (pressently occuring or imminent)
  • 627 counties under Winter Weather Advisory (expected to occur)
  • 191 counties under Blizzard Warning
  • 692 counties under Wind Chill Watch/Warning/Advisories
  • 7 counties under Severe Thunderstorm Warnings (high wind and hail)
  • 92 counties under Tornado Watch
  • 19 counties under Fire/Red Flag Warning
  • 39 counties under High Wind Watch/Warning
  • 102 Coastal, Marine, and Small Craft Advisories
  • hundreds of other outlooks & advisories

I think today is a contender for most active warnings, ever! Wherever you are, plan ahead, stay safe, and stock up.



Groundhog Day Blizzard Means Treacherous Travel in Nation's Mid-Section

by Jamie Robinson        January 30, 2011  |  9:01 pm  |  Category:

A potentially massive winter storm is making it's way out of the southwest United States.  This storm will wreak havoc on travel though the nation's mid-section from Monday through Wednesday.  It's not just snow that makes this storm dangerous.  Some areas, including St. Louis, Indianapolis and Columbus could see significant amounts of ice.  Electric companies have already begun calling in reinforcements in preparation for this event.  It's also possible that airports from Kansas City to Chicago will be closed due to heavy snow before this event is over.

If you're in the path of this storm, be sure to have several sources of weather information at hand.  A radio, TV, the internet (Weather Defender) and weather radio can all provide information on the storm's current status.  However, if a significant icing event occurs, you'll need to ensure you have a battery operated source of information and plenty of spare batteries!


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