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Latest winter storm wrecking havoc all over US

by Emily Belden        January 6, 2010  |  9:36 am  |  Category: Latest News

From frozen citrus crops to devastating fatalities, the entire country is feeling the effects of the latest winter storm. Check out these startling headlines from today:

·         Florida and Southeast Brace for Record Breaking Cold SnapABC News

·         Freezing Temperatures Reach the South, Farmers Rush to Salvage CropsFox News

·         Homeless man found frozen to death in Kansas City, MissouriKCTV

·         Atlantic, Iowa breaks record low set in 1958 with minus 29 degree temperatureCNN

·         Winter storm warnings north, hard freeze warnings southCNN

(AP Photo/File)

Upper Midwest Slammed by Snowstorm, Frigid Cold

by Rory Groves        December 10, 2009  |  10:33 am  |  Category: Latest News

"15 Inches In Some Areas; State Of Emergency In Wisconsin"

Chicago (CBS) - "The first major winter snowstorm of the season made life miserable throughout much of the Upper Midwest and the governor of Wisconsin has already declared a state of emergency.

"Winter Weather" Map in Weather Defender keeps track of Winter Hazards & Snow Reports

"Five deaths are reported and hundreds of flights canceled, as the same storm that clobbered us is now moving north and towards the East Coast. In Wisconsin, the situation was far worse. The snow slammed the state so severely that Gov. Jim Doyle declared a preemptive state of emergency."


"Frigid temperatures to follow heavy snow..."

Des Moines (AP) - "Commuters from Des Moines to Chicago were warned of morning temperatures reaching 10 degrees at best and icy roads. Wind chill values could dip to as low as minus 25 in parts of Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois, according to the National Weather Service.

Temperature Layer activated in Weather Defender to show regions of extreme cold

"Wind gusts that reached more than 50 mph and built snow drifts between 8 and 15 feet tall had died down by Thursday, but officials still warned of blowing snow and treacherous driving conditions.

"Take some extra time because the roads are gonna be slick," said Lori Getter, spokeswoman at the Wisconsin Emergency Operations Center."



Create a Freezing Line using the Palette Editor

by Rory Groves        November 24, 2009  |  4:32 pm  |  Category: Tips & Tricks

Learn how to use the Palette Editor to customize contour layers in Weather Defender. In this tutorial, we create a Freezine Line on the Temperature layer, indicating the precise location of freezing temperatures:


Watch Tutorial Now

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