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Government Agencies and First Responders to Receive 40 Percent Discount

by Rory Groves        September 21, 2016  |  9:17 am  |  Category: Company | Latest News


In honor of National Preparedness Month this September, SWIFT Weather announced today their company will start offering a 40 percent discount on its award-winning Weather Defender Commercial Edition for federal, state and local government agencies, active and retired U.S. military, first responders and related government agencies. The weather tracking software is user-friendly and feature-rich, providing up-to-the-second data including always-on threat monitoring and real-time weather alerts sent to a desktop, email, or mobile device. The first-of-kind weather alerts software combines remote alerting with first-person visuals – all in one application. Government agencies or first responders can properly prepare by receiving highly accurate forecasts in advance of approaching tornadoes, thunderstorms, blizzards, ice storms, lightning, hurricanes, hailstorms, high winds, heavy precipitation and more. Users benefit from precise, dynamic weather data enabling them to minimize risk, maximize preparedness and optimize the allocation of manpower and resources to a certain geographic location with greater accuracy.

“Weather Defender delivers highly accurate severe weather data directly to government agencies and first responders, giving them the ability to save more lives and property,” said SWIFT Weather CEO Rory Groves. “We’re pleased to offer our Commercial Edition of our weather alerts software to these organizations at a deep discount this September.”

Weather Defender Commercial Edition provides direct access 24/7/365 to an extensive network of radar stations and weather satellites, providing critical, real-time weather alerts and data anywhere in the nation. The customizable Alert Perimeter feature lets the user be the first to know a myriad of approaching threats, well ahead of public weather announcements. Weather Defender can be customized easily and quickly to target specific geographic locations and certain types of weather. Richly defined and highly detailed weather graphics allow for the best preparation or response for impending inclement weather. Additional features include industry and activity-specific weather maps; animated history with time lapse movies of weather activity in the user’s area; GPS integration; GIS import functionality; collaboration; and premium customer support via email, phone, online documentation and tutorial videos.

Weather Defender Commercial Edition normally retails for $1200 per year, but it is available now for $720 per year to qualifying organizations. Visit to purchase or for more information or call 800-960-4586.


" absolutely reliable product."

by Emily Belden        February 22, 2010  |  9:28 am  |  Category: Testimonials
OaheTV / City of Pierre, South Dakota

"Weather Defender brings advanced warnings, accurate and reliable reporting right to my desk. With its advanced features, it provides the edge we need. And if you can get an edge like this, you need to take it. Winter weather is really hard to call.

"Winter weather is a life and death scenario. People make travel plans based on what they see and hear on radio & TV. We use Weather Defender because we need an absolutely reliable product. There are many alternatives which are not as reliable.

"In the case of winter weather for city government, we need predictive capabilities to be as accurate as possible because they use this information to make vital decisions, such as when and where to deploy snow plows, how many staff to allocate, pretty much everything on the decision side requires as much accuracy as possible. Having the edge on knowing when to plow, or how much snow to expect that can be a significant factor, making tens of thousands of dollars of difference.

"Finally, probably the most significant advantage is Weather Defender's e-mail based alerting. Being able to automatically e-mail people at various levels of the decision chain with specific threat information is crucial. Weather Defender keeps everyone on same page by bringing uniform information to all of us simultaneously."

Patrick Callahan
General Manager of OaheTV and Webmaster for City of Pierre
Pierre, South Dakota


Street-Level Tracking is Key for Public Servant

by Emily Belden        February 17, 2010  |  12:28 pm  |  Category: Testimonials

"As a public servant in Morrison County I'm concerned that we provide our residents with the best information possible to enable them to adequately prepare in a timely fashion for what might be coming - whether it is flood, winter storms, severe thunder/lightning storms, tornados or whatever.  Our Public Safety and Public Works personnel need to be able to respond rapidly and strategically to changing conditions as well, and weather related events can play a big part in their ability to do so.

"One of our recent areas of focus is bringing the weather down to street and parcel level.  This gives us the ability to identify specific locations where there might be high concentrations of people in the path of a system, giving law enforcement and other agencies the ability to provide a more advanced notice than might otherwise be given - possibly saving lives.  Being able to add our own layers of data as an overlay to Weather Defender could potentially help us in this regard."

Mike Disher
Director of Technology Services
Morrison County, Minnesota


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