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Minnesota Governor Declares State of Emergency

by Jamie Robinson        April 8, 2011  |  12:21 pm  |  Category: Latest News

Gov. Mark Dayton declared a state of emergency in 46 of Minnesota's 87 counties due to high water along the Mississippi, Minnesota, St. Croix and Red Rivers.   As can be seen in these screenshots from Weather Defender, many of these rivers that are currently in experiencing flooding will continue to experience flooding during the April 7 - 12 timeframe. 


Reporting stations currently showing flooding concerns (Observed River Stages Layer - available to those with a commercial license)

Flooding outlook for April 7 - 12 (Flood Outlook Layer - available to those with a commercial license)

Unfortunately, the current 3 Day Convective Outlook places parts of Minnesota in a moderate risk of severe weather from Sunday into Monday next week.  This will likely bring additional, unwanted rain to an already water-logged area. 

For those living in the areas affected, be sure to watch for rapidly rising water and be sure to stay tuned to your local news outlets for more details on the local flooding situation. 


Flooding a Huge Concern in the Midwest

by Jamie Robinson        March 28, 2011  |  12:49 pm  |  Category: Latest News

Flood watches and warnings are in place from Minnesota down into Mississippi and Louisiana as a result of rain and snowmelt through the midwest.  Cooler temperatures the past few days have helped slow the snowmelt, but new rain and snow for many locations this past weekend have fueled new flooding concerns.

A highway outside of the Minneapolis / St. Paul area near Mankato saw part of Highway 22 collapse as a result of a levee breaking and flood waters eroding the ground under the road. 

Photo Courtesy KARE 11 in Minneapolis / St. Paul

The city of Davenport, Iowa will begin building a wall to protect their water treatment facility later this year.  The project, which partners the city with the Army Corps of Engineers, will cost a reported $11.5 million.  The water treatment facility is the sole water source for over 130,000 people in and around Davenport.

Flooding has affected many areas of the United States this year from the Midwest to the Northeast as well as flooding and mudslides in California. 

Always remember when approaching flood waters to not try to drive through it.  It takes very little running water (as little as 6") to carry a vehicle away.

As severe weather and flooding continue into the spring, be sure to stay ahead of the weather with Weather Defender.

Another Day of Unsettled Weather Across the Northern Half of the Country

by Jamie Robinson        March 22, 2011  |  12:26 pm  |  Category:


Today brings another hodge-podge of weather across the northern 1/2 of the United States.  Much of the area along the Canadian border from Montana to Michigan is under Winter Storm Watches/Warnings for up to a foot of snow.  In addition, a small area of New York and Pennsylvania are also under a Winter Storm Watch.

While at the same time, parts of the central and southern plains are under wind and fire advisories. 

Finally, some areas in the middle of the country are under a slight risk of severe thunderstorms today.

This crazy weather is all due to a frontal boundary making its way south through the U.S.  Temperatures at 1:30pm EDT show 20s and 30s near the Canadian border to the 80s in Texas and the southeast.


Stay tuned to this week's weather with Weather Defender. A free trial is available to all first-time customers.


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