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UPDATED: Hurricane Irma Targets Florida, Hurricane Jose "Extremely Dangerous"

by Rory Groves        September 8, 2017  |  2:26 pm  |  Category: Latest News

Shown Above: Satellite graphic of Hurricane Irma

Shown Above: Position and track of Hurricane Irma

As of the latest update, models are in agreement for Hurricane Irma to make a direct hit over mainland Florida, slightly west than previously predicted, and track northwestward through the center of the state. Hurricane Irma has weakened slightly to a Category 4 with maximum sustained winds at 155 MPH, only a few MPH shy of a Category 5 classification. The eye is expected to arrive in So. Florida overnight Saturday, but the effects will be felt long before that. 

Primary Impacts:

  • Storm Surge: 6-12 feet in Southwest FL and Florida Keys
  • Destructive Waves: 10-20 feet near the coasts 
  • Winds: 155 MPH peak winds, with hurricane force winds (> 74MPH) extending 70 miles outward from the center
  • Rainfall & Flooding: 10-15 inches of rainfall expected through Tuesday night in southern FL, with some areas reaching 20 inches. 8-16 inches expected northward into coastal Georgia.

Mandatory evacuations are now in place throughout the state of Florida, especially along coastal areas. "The effect of Irma on the state of Florida is going to be much greater than [Hurricane] Andrew's effect," said Weather Channel senior hurricane specialist Bryan Norcross. "We're dealing with an entirely different level of phenomenon. There is no storm to compare with this. Unless you go way back to 1926."

Hurricane Jose

Shown Above: Latest satellite and analysis graphic of Hurricane Jose

An update from the National Hurricane Center describes Jose as "an extremely dangerous Category 4 Hurricane". Hurricane Jose is currently following a similar track to Irma, but is still 500 miles east of Puerto Rico and expected to track north of Carribean islands and decrease in strength.

Residents of Florida please take every precaution. We will continue to issue additional updates if warranted. If you could benefit from combined storm analysis package that Weather Defender offers, please contact us today.


Hurricane Irma Threatens Florida, Wildfires Ravage Western States

by Rory Groves        September 6, 2017  |  10:52 am  |  Category: Latest News | Tips & Tricks

A "potentially catastrophic" Category 5 hurricane is currently on track for a direct hit in southern Florida Sunday, Sep 10 into Monday, Sep 11. The maximum sustained winds are 185 MPH, strong enough to level most any structure in a matter of seconds. If you are in the path of the hurricane, please take every precaution. Even though you already know it by now, we want to make sure everyone within our reach is staying abreast of this extremely dangerous storm.

Shown Above: Hurricane Center in Weather Defender provide detailed analysis of active tropical systems.


Western Wildfires

Meanwhile, on the opposite end of the country, over 130 wildfires in 9 states are ravaging 1.5 million acres. Using the "Fire Weather" layers in Weather Defender, both declared Wildfires and satellite-indicated fire detections can be tracked alongside severe weather overlays.

Shown Above:
Wildfires are being tracked against wind vectors, dewpoints, and 24-hour precipitation forecast.

If you could benefit from combined storm analysis package that Weather Defender offers, please contact us today.

Click here to contact a rep.


Hurricane Matthew Makes Landfall

by Rory Groves        October 6, 2016  |  9:00 pm  |  Category: Latest News | Tips & Tricks

Hurricane Matthew Makes Landfall

For the first time in 11 years (Hurricane Wilma, 2005) a major hurricane is making landfall in Florida. Category 4 Hurricane Matthew is at present spreading is flooding bands of rain and hurricane-force winds across the eastern coast of Florida. It is not certain as to whether the eye of the hurricane will run ashore, but the effects will certainly be felt across the sunshine state.

With 283 fatalities reported in Haiti, this deadly storm has triggered mandatory evacuations throughout southeastern states and governors are pleading with residents to head the warnings. Already 280,000 have been evacuated in South Carolina and millions more in Florida.

Watch Video Animation


Past Track

Past track of Hurricane Matthew

The track of Hurricane Matthew presents an interesting view as it "snakes" through the Caribbean and slams into Florida.


Forecast Track

Forecast track of Hurricane Matthew

The forecast track of Hurricane Matthew has changed dramatically in the last 48 hours, much to the relief of New England residents. Direct impacts will be confined to Florida and the Carolinas as the Hurricane is set to track out to sea by Sunday.


Active Warnings

Active Hurricane Watches and Warnings from Hurricane Matthew

Currently Hurricane Warnings remain in effect along the eastern shores of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.


Rainfall Estimates

Hurricane Matthew Rainfall estimates over the next 24 hours

The heaviest rainfall over the next 24 hours will be eastern Florida, from West Palm Beach to Jacksonville, with 4-8 inches of rainfall.


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