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Hurricane Irma Threatens Florida, Wildfires Ravage Western States

by Rory Groves        September 6, 2017  |  10:52 am  |  Category: Latest News | Tips & Tricks

A "potentially catastrophic" Category 5 hurricane is currently on track for a direct hit in southern Florida Sunday, Sep 10 into Monday, Sep 11. The maximum sustained winds are 185 MPH, strong enough to level most any structure in a matter of seconds. If you are in the path of the hurricane, please take every precaution. Even though you already know it by now, we want to make sure everyone within our reach is staying abreast of this extremely dangerous storm.

Shown Above: Hurricane Center in Weather Defender provide detailed analysis of active tropical systems.


Western Wildfires

Meanwhile, on the opposite end of the country, over 130 wildfires in 9 states are ravaging 1.5 million acres. Using the "Fire Weather" layers in Weather Defender, both declared Wildfires and satellite-indicated fire detections can be tracked alongside severe weather overlays.

Shown Above:
Wildfires are being tracked against wind vectors, dewpoints, and 24-hour precipitation forecast.

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