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More Rain Likely for the Northeast

by Jamie Robinson        October 13, 2011  |  12:25 pm  |  Category: Latest News

Looks like more rain is likely the next few days for an area of the country that's had more than its fair share this year already.  Take a look at how much has already fallen in some locations this year:

Location                    2011 Total (in.)         Avg. Annual (in.)          Excess Already in 2011 (in.)

Cleveland, OH                51.62                         39.10                                12.52

Harrisburg, PA                62.82                         41.58                                21.24

Binghamton, NY              58.67                         39.24                                19.43


These areas could end up seeing another 1-4 inches of rain through Friday this week.  Another system coming through the area this weekend will likely be more wind than rain but with the wind comes an increased chance of lake effect precipitation in places like northern Ohio, northwest Pennsylvania and Upstate New York.

As you can see from the current surface map, there are 3 systems that will impact the Northeast.  The low currently off the coast, the low pressure currently in Wisconsin and the low pressure system(s) currently north of Minnesota in southwestern Ontario, Canada.

For those in areas prone to flooding or who haven't dried out from recent floods, you can use Weather Defender to track total storm precipitation.  Here's a screenshot from Indianapolis to show how Weather Defender plots rainfall totals.  The darkest green areas shown have received between 1.5 - 2 inches of rain.

Weather Defender offers virtually endless layering options that allow the casual weather observer all the way to the hard core storm chaser the ability to track the weather that's important to them.


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