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New Commercial Edition Features

by Rory Groves        March 31, 2011  |  10:35 am  |  Category: Latest News

New tools give emergency managers real-time access to critical weather intelligence:

  • Current River Depths & Flood Stages
  • Forecasted Flood Heights & River Crests
  • Nationwide Flood Outlook

Identify Areas of Potential Flooding

Monitor River Stages, Histograph, and Forecasted Crest

Combined with award-winning, field-tested weather tracking features that deliver up-to-the-second weather data directly to your desktop:

  • Real-time Weather Graphics
  • Live Weather Satellite & Doppler Radar
  • GPS Integration
  • GIS Import Functionality
  • Multi-Location & Multi-Recipient Weather Alerting

Enable your organization to accurately predict where severe weather will strike, maximize preparation time, and formulate appropriate response. Contact Us Today!



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