Video Tutorials: Getting Started

Get up and running quickly with these step-by-step video guides that will teach you how to use Weather Defender’s most powerful features:

Interface & Navigation Primer

Learn how to navigate the map in Weather Defender using your mouse and keyboard as well as a quick overview of the main interface buttons and toolbars. (4:30)

Lesson 1: Alert Perimeters

Considered to be the most important feature in Weather Defender, Alert Perimeters are customizable "safe zones" that can be used to receive advanced notification of approaching weather threats. (4:24)
Download a printable step-by-step guide

Lesson 2: Maps & Layers

Learn what each of the Layers mean in Weather Defender in simple terms, and how to access additional Maps. (8:14)
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Lesson 3: Custom Locations

Learn how to place custom locations on your map, representing friends or family in other locales. With this feature, you will know exactly where dangerous weather is in relation to their locations. (3:19)
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Lesson 4: Animation

Know when to sound the "all-clear" by observing where the storms have been and where they are likely going using the Animation feature in Weather Defender. (3:52)
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Lesson 5: Retail Maps

An overview of the various maps that are included in the full retail edition of Weather Defender. (2:27)
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Lesson 6: Building Custom Maps

Learn how to create the perfect Weather Map, one suited to your exact needs because it is built custom using our full library of Weather and Geographic Layers. (4:32)
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Lesson 7: Team Tools

Position reporting, real-time chat, and integrated map-sharing are a few of the unique features that enable you to interact in real-time with the growing community of Weather Defenders. (3:55)
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Video Tutorials: Tips & Tricks

Extend your storm-tracking abilities as you take advantage of Weather Defender's more powerful features by learning the following tips & tricks:

Street-Level Weather Tracking

Learn how to add local county and neighborhood streets to your map and track real-time weather down to the street-level. (2:59)

Create a Freezing Line using the Palette Editor

Learn how to use the Palette Editor to customize contour layers in Weather Defender. In this tutorial, we create a Freezine Line on the Temperature layer, indicating the precise location of freezing temperatures. (8:01)

Receive Weather Alerts by E-mail or Cellphone

Weather Defender can be configured to deliver weather alerts in a variety of ways. Learn how to send weather alerts to an e-mail address or cell phone text message. (7:32)

Importing a List of Custom Locations

The Add Point tool is the easiest way to add custom locations to your map -- and keep tab on family or friends. But what if you have a long list of locations? This tutorial shows how you to import a table of locations to your map in one fell swoop. (9:26)
Download 'Mountains' CSV file (sample list)
NOTE: Download is in ZIP format, extract before using
A series of tutorials providing in-depth instruction on the most powerful weather monitoring tool avialable in Weather Defender: Radar.

Radar Tutorial I: Multi-Radar Weather Tracking

Learn how to track multiple doppler radar sites at the same time in your Weather Defender map. (4:09)

Radar Tutorial II: Advanced Radar Products

You understand the basics, now learn about the more advanced Radar Products available in Weather Defender. (3:59)
Whether averting disaster or responding to hail-damage, these tutorials will teach you the hail-tracking capabilities in Weather Defender.

Hail Tutorial I: Hail Tracking Layers

Learn how to enable Hail Tracking features in Weather Defender, including Real-Time Hail Indicators and Hail Damage Reports. (5:03)

Hail Tutorial II: Hail Detection & Alerting

Learn how to automatically receive notifications whenever severe hail is detected near your home or business -- or any other location of your choosing. (4:02)

Hail Tutorial III: Severe Hail Forecasting

Predict what regions will be impacted by severe (damaging) hail using Probabilistic Layers in Weather Defender (4:26)
Predict, detect, and guard against the most dangerous of all weather elements: Tornadoes.

Tornado Tutorial I: Tornado Tracking Basics

Get up to speed and discover the essential Tornado tracking features available in Weather Defender. (5:11)