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McCleod Express Keeps Driver's Safe with Weather Defender

by Rory Groves        July 16, 2015  |  12:09 pm  |  Category: Latest News | Testimonials

McCleod Express, based in Decatur, Illinois is one of the nation's leading trucking companies. I/T Director Derek Agar uses Weather Defender Commercial Edition to track the location of the company's 340 semi units and 775 trailers on a real-time weather map:

How It Works

Derek integrates an in-house fleet tracking database with Weather Defender's built-in Dynamic Layers functionality to auto-update the location of fleet vehicles inside Weather Defender.

Weather can be tracked with a click of a button such as Radar, Snow and Sleet alerts, and Severe Thunderstorm Watches & Warnings to name a few threats to transportation companies.

Focus on Safety

Safety is a primary concern at McCleod Express. The statement on their website reads: "Our first priority at McLeod is to conduct operations in such a way as to insure the safety of our employees and the general public. Our commitment to safety starts day one at McLeod and is reinforced continuously. From our daily management and guidance to employees to the way we maintain equipment and conduct our operations. Safety is our most important objective every day."

To learn more about how Weather Defender can help protect your organization from unpredictable severe weather, please contact us or call 1-800-960-4586.

"...On the frontline getting information..."

by Rory Groves        April 19, 2012  |  10:08 am  |  Category: Testimonials
"During the outbreak of the tornados this week-end. I decided to buy it. I live in Joplin, Missouri area. Last year we were devastated in the F-5 tonrado. Weather Defender this week-end gave me the comfort and knowledge to know that I was on the frontline getting information first hand as it happened. I did not have to wait on delayed weather reports of what was coming our way. I knew what was happening NOW. I could look in ever direction and receive firsthand radar reports of ongoing storms miles and hours away from me. After last years May 22 tornado in Joplin and losing so much. Weather Defender has made our lives less stressful just knowing we are in control of our safety firsthand. Thank You."

Will Y.
Joplin, MO


by Rory Groves        July 20, 2011  |  12:01 pm  |  Category: Testimonials

"This software does indeed save lives. Thanks for destributing this software for the average Joe. I just subscribed for a year subscription. Thank you."

-Levon A. Volpe

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