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Exporting Data

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Many of the data formats used in Weather Defender are standardized GIS formats and may be used interchangeably with other GIS applications.

This tutorial will describe how to extract individual layer data from Weather Defender for use in other GIS applications.

Step 1
Open Weather Defender and the map containing the layer data you wish to export.

Step 2
Click the Layer's drop-down menu button, located on the right side of the layer button. Select Export option.

NOTE: Not all layer types are exportable. If this is the case, the Export option will be grayed-out.


Step 3
Enter a filename and select a GIS format from the File Type drop-down list. Click Save.

Step 4
Import the exported data into your GIS application.

NOTE: Colors, labels, etc may not look the same as most GIS applications handle display formatting differently. And not all GIS formats will work in all GIS applications. Refer to your GIS application's manual for guidance on importing data.


Additional Info
Exporting layer data is not the same as capturing screenshots. To capture a screenshot of your map for archival or uploading to the web, refer to the Capturing Screenshots tutorial.

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