Weather Defender Documentation

Weather Defender was designed to run on any Windows PC. Please refer to the minimum and recommended system requirements for details.


Installing from the Internet

The latest version of Weather Defender can be downloaded from our website:

When prompted to run or save the installation file, click Run:


Wait while the file is downloaded to your computer.


After the download is complete, you may be prompted again to run the program. Click Run.


Skip to Setup Wizard below.


Installing from CD

Insert the CD-ROM into the drive on your computer. The Setup Wizard should load automatically.

If you do not see the Setup Wizard, open File Explorer and browse to the following file on your CD drive:


Double-click this file to launch the Setup Wizard.


Setup Wizard


Review the information on each step of the Setup Wizard. For most people, the default options can be accepted for each step.

Click Finish on the last step to complete the installation and launch Weather Defender.

See the Getting Started Tutorial for first-run instructions.

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