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1 - Overview

Weather and Geographic data is divided into Maps and Layers in Weather Defender. Because of this, you can easily organize and make sense of vast amounts of information.

The underlying concept is simple. Layers are individual datasets of weather or geographic data that can be added to a Map. Maps are actual files saved on your computer which contain references to one or more Layers.

When you open a Map in Weather Defender, you are simply opening a collection of Layers which have been organized for a specific purpose.

For example, you may have one Map for to hurricane tracking. This map might contain Layers for Satellite imagery, Radar, and Hurricane Tracks. It would also contain a World Countries layer for visual reference. Another Map might be used for tracking snowfall in the pacific northwest. This Map might also contain the World Countries layer but instead of Hurricane Tracks it might reference the Storm Reports layer for snowfall measurements.


2 - Adding Layers

To add more Layers to your Map, click the Layer button from the Map Tab on the toolbar. In this menu you will find a selection of common weather and geographic layers, as well as the Browse All Layers... option.

Also review the article on Importing Data if you have your own GIS data you wish to use.


3 - Removing Layers

To remove a Layer you have added to your Map, click the Remove option from the Layer's menu.



4 - Layer Arrangement

Layers in a Map are represented as a vertical stack. Bottom layers are displayed "under" top-most layers.


Layers can be rearranged using the Map Layers Dialog Window. Please refer to that topic for detailed instructions.


5 - Static & Dynamic

Layers which do not update regularly, such as geographic layers, are considered Static because they do not download updates from the Internet.

Layers which do update regularly, such as weather layers, are considered Dynamic because they download updates at regular intervals from the Internet.

Settings for Dynamic layers (such as update frequency) may be modified in the Layer Properties window.

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