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Tutorials provide you with step-by-step instructions on configuring and using Weather Defender in the most effective way for your organization.

NOTE: Documentation is currently being updated to reflect version changes in Weather Defender 1.1.


Series 1: Breaking Ground (The Basics)

Getting Started | Watch Video
Learn basic navigation and how to start tracking the weather with your first map in Weather Defender.

Personalizing Your Map
Learn how to customize your map for your specific region by importing geographic and other reference layers.

Forecasting Severe Weather
Learn how to take advantage of Weather Defender's forecasting tools and be prepared for the next severe weather outbreak.

Note: More tutorials are under development.


Series 2: Upgrading Your Defenses (Intermediate)

Importing Data
Learn how to import additional datasets from your computer and the Internet to customize the appearance of your Weather Defender maps.

Exporting Data
Learn how to export layer data from Weather Defender for use in other GIS applications (like ArcView, Tatuk, Google Earth).

If you would like to see a tutorial on a subject not listed, please request it!

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